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SV8000 Series
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Helpful Information Regarding Graphic Files


Welcome to the NEC Unified Solutions Image Library. This library contains images of select products and the NEC logo. All images are in JPEG format.

By using any of the images in this Image Library, you agree to the following:

  • Images may only be used by our Authorized Resellers on printed collateral, signage, Web graphics and in sales presentations.
  • The accredited press may use images for editorial purposes.
  • All other use including, but not limited to copying, redistribution, or commercial use is prohibited without express written consent of NEC.
  • All images are copyrighted by and remain the property of NEC.

These images are important to us.

  • Do not change the aspect ratio or redraw any of the images or logos.
  • Do not use a different font or color on the logo.
  • The logo must not be distorted, combined with other graphic elements or graphically modified in any way.
  • A purity of space around the logo is required to ensure that it is separate from competing text or graphics. The logo must not be used in combination with other words to form sentences or phrases.
  • The logo may be proportionately resized to fit a desired use, but it must remain large enough to be reasonably legible.
  • NEC is a global company with many Web sites. To avoid possible confusion of NEC sites, Authorized Resellers who use the NEC logo on their Web sites should not allow the NEC logo to be used as an active link to this or any other NEC Web site. Brief, descriptive textual links to the respective NEC sites are preferred instead.

Images in the Image Library are supplied in JPEG format. They have been optimized for use in electronic formats such as sales presentations and on the Web, and for output to color or black and white laser printers.

Images are organized into groups and listed in the menu to the left. Most images are available in a large and small format, which refers to the overall height and width of the image, and are grouped accordingly.

The thumbnail images are the same size for both large and small formats. The text description below each thumbnail indicates the size (either large or small) of the full-size image. All images in a particular group may be viewed by clicking the "All Images" link for the respective group.

For more information on graphic files, please click the link at left and review the document "Helpful Information Regarding Graphic Files."

To view an image, click the link for the desired group. Then, click the thumbnail of the desired image. The full-size image will open in a new window. To download a copy of the full-size image, right-click the image and select the option to Save Picture/Image.

NEC Unified Solutions
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