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Industry Solutions

K thru 12 Education

Helping students learn by providing better communications tools

Classrooms today use technology to enable teachers and students to communicate and learn more easily and efficiently. The right tools foster more student involvement, promote better learning and help make K-12 schools safer. NEC provides these tools.

With the proliferation of laptop computers and internet use – even among the youngest students, the need for constant access to teachers and faculty, and the inclusion of separate district schools into a centralized communication infrastructure mean that K-12 schools have the communications needs of a university. No one delivers on these needs like NEC.

Through NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 approach to communications, we address all of these needs. UNIVERGE360’s approach places people/students at its center. Instead of technology defining how people communicate in a role, the role defines the technology used to communicate. Using this approach, communications are tailored to each individual’s role or need, which ensures a communications system that meets the requirements of teachers, staff, students and parents.

The principal and faculty at an elementary school depend on their business communications system as much as their peers at a large metropolitan high school rely on their enterprise communication system to keep themselves, staff, students and parents in contact with each other. Their communications systems must have robust system features, easy-to-use applications and produce cost effective, productivity enhancing benefits.

With a robust communications system in place, teachers have the right tools necessary to communicate in and out of the classroom to both students and parents, staff has a way of communicating important school information to everyone – efficiently, and students benefit from having access to the teachers and information they require.

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