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Emergency Response & Notification:

The news is filled with incidents and scares at corporate businesses as well as in public locations. Unpredictable weather disasters cause havoc with corporate operations. Each enterprise maintains a responsibility to keep their environment as safe as possible for staff and customers. As a result, they are paying more attention than ever before to their ability to respond efficiently to emergencies and to recover efficiently from disaster situations.

Elements of the Emergency Response Solution support emergency response coordination and enable quick action by first responders to local emergencies whether the event is isolated or widespread. Corporate security has the opportunities to do routine paperwork and tasks over wireless LAN, making them more available and improving average response time to calls.

A multifaceted emergency communication system keeps everyone informed in urgent situations. In addition, these solutions facilitate business continuity planning, assuring that the enterprise is prepared to respond and recover from a local disaster.

Emergency Response & Notification strategy includes:

UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site Notification
UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site Notification
UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site Notification
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