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Remote Workers / Home Office:

All the Comforts of Home.
All the Productivity of the Office.

With the escalating price of office space in many parts of the country and the rising cost for transportation and parking facilities, businesses are looking for ways to minimize space and reduce commuter impact. The concept of working at home or in satellite offices has become a viable solution to address these demands. More large and small companies are eliminating or, at the least, cutting down on the expenses involved in operating large call centers or multiple offices in high-priced locations by extending their offices to suburbs and employee home offices.

NEC's remote telephony solutions can provide access for remote offices and employee home offices to the enterprise's common facilities, with little or no difference in the services provided to callers. The flexible home office has been proven to promote employee retention and allows for employees to apply commuter time to more productive work for their organization.

Remote employees can be added on-demand to their company's call centers to take calls during peak hours, when a special promotion or event is going on to generate higher call volumes than normal, or even during lunch breaks for the on-site call consultants.

Remote offices can be located in other cities and time zones for the call centers to take calls after the other call centers have closed for the day. One call center can handle calls for the entire company after hours for repair, service or other problems. These remote offices can mean access to lower cost of living communities and can tap areas of the country that have qualified employees with lower salary requirements, while simultaneously containing office expenses.

NEC is constantly developing their Private Branch eXchanges (PBX) systems to enhance versatile call center and networking applications. The ability to extend the system's reach to remote and home offices over a wide range of technologies translates into the best customer service available.


Remote Workers / Home Office strategy includes:

Remote Agent
Dterm Series E Extender (IPA-U10)
IP Gateway
IP Gateway
IP Gateway
IP Branch
IP Branch
IP Branch
Analog Extenders
NEC Unified Solutions
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