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Resolve Plus Brochure

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Remote Engineering Support of Large Volume End-Users to Compliment the Services You Receive from Your NEC Authorized Representative

NEC’s Resolve Plus is a subscription program designed to complement the support you receive from your NEC authorized representative. This program provides you with direct access to NEC’s National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC) for engineering support plus complete software support coverage for your NEC platform software and applications through NEC’s Software Assurance.

Resolve Plus Includes:

  • Access to various NEC premise-based engineering activities to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment. These activities may include:
    • Technical consultation
    • Remote MAT operation for diagnostic or testing purposes
    • Lab simulation and testing of custom requested programming or database design configurations
    • Software modifications
  • Telephone support calls to NEC Field Services during normal business hour to assist you with routine information or emergency situations.
  • After hour support to NEC Field Services 24x7 to assist you with emergency situations.
  • An initial set of CD-ROM–based documentation for new systems plus access to the IRMS Knowledgebase.
  • Access to NTAC’s online web-based call record service that enables you to find information on all service calls on your systems for any time period during your subscription.
  • Complete software support coverage and upgrades on current systems with SWA
  • Free online technical training and certifications
  • Priority service from a dedicated NEC representative - Ensures that any issues you may have will be resolved expediently to your satisfaction.
  • Annual Conference – Offers valuable information and discussions on topics ranging from technical overviews to future product development and enhancements. A selected person from your organization can attend free of charge.

Subscribe Today!

Contact your NEC authorized representative to subscribe today or click here to Register to take full advantage of all that Resolve Plus has to offer!

For questions regarding the Resolve Plus program, please click here.


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